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Boost your IoT deployment with the largest, worldwide, public network in a secured context

Helium network

Helium is a decentralized IoT network compatible with LoRaWan devices. It offers to transport your devices data from anywhere in the world for less than a $ per year in a public or private equivalent network.

You can learn more on helium network on the official page


Helium-Iot Europe

We are an Helium independent service provider located in Europe, in France, hosting network servers. Our services are helping IoT service providers to get benefit of Helium network.
  • We operate a network server for your IoT devices.
  • We run device fleets from anywhere in the world
  • We host you own private network servers to keep your industrial or personal data secured.
  • We connect your existing LoRaWan network in Helium.

Your IoT solution deserve a global private network ! We make it easy

Our Infrastructure Partner

We are operating from France, specialized in highly secured, sovereign infrastructure hosting and sensitive data processing.

Our IoT expertise

We are from the pioneers for deploying and operating Helium networks with a strong experience in IoT networks including LoRaWan, Sigfox, LTE-M and NB-IoT since 2013. We are here to support your IoT adoption.