Helium IoT Europe is a service provider operating on top of Helium network

We are proposing cloud solutions to help IoT service providers and Industrial companies to get benefit of the fastest growing IoT network.

Helium Network

Is a decentralized IoT network, the management and contractual rules rely on a blockchain to manage the communication nodes, billing and rewarding for the crowdsourced network.
It makes it an open ecosystem with clear rules for building string IoT business models. Any one can join the network by adding devices or hotspots.
Helium does not store IoT data in the blockchain. It only manage the hotspots, routing, coverage, ... rules

Helium IoT Europe is not Helium, we are providing services on top of the network.

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The People Network

Helium has been created by Helium.com a US company. They are developing and maintaining the blockchain. Helium is also providing the device connectivity over a global network server located in the United States of America.

All the blockchain components and tools are distributed, open-source, on Github. The network rules are also open for discussion through a HIP public process.The network is deployed by individuals as much as companies.

For these reasons, helium is The People Network

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Helium IoT Europe

Is a suite of services proposed by a French company be ys Cloud to help industrial companies, IoT service providers and any other companies to easily get benefits of Helium network.
We remove crypto, blockchain, and all the associated technical and corporate complexity to let you focus on value creation for your customers. We make Helium as simple as any LoRaWAN network, the power of Helium in addition