Join Helium with a Public Network Server

Helium is a LoRaWAN compatible network. Your devices can join Helium by getting an account on one of the Helium network server.

Helium IoT own one of the Helium Network Servers. We are based in France / Europe. You can connect your LoRaWAN compatible devices to the Helium Network using our platform to route your messages.

Run your fleet on the largest public server

Pay as you grow

Helium IoT offer

Just add your devices right now !

The console is freely accessible, if you already have a LoRaWAN compatible device you can register it in the console. You get a free credit for up to 500 messages for your tests.

Add your device creating credentials or setting the one you have and get the data. You can also integrate with existing platform like myDevice, Ubidots, Adafruit, Datacake, TagiIO... or simply use HTTP, MQTT integrations.

We are providing the communication credit upgrade, following the prices on the right size.

Simple rules: billing is per message sent, no subscription creation cost, no yearly cost, no per device cost. You just pay for each of the messages the device is sending.

Helium IoT 24B message


Equivalent to:
  • 0,11€ / year for a message on every 4 hours
  • 0,44€ / year for a message per hour
  • 2,64€ / year for a message on every 10 minutes
No rate limiting (other than legal)
No SF limitations (other than legal)
No daily message limit (other than legal)

Getting started ! >>>

Why Helium-IoT price is higher than Helium price per messages ?

Helium Corp is getting benefit of free token from the blockchain by design and that way only bill the unitary message cost w/o margin, offering the hosting, router investment and router running cost

We are simplifying the access to Helium network with a local hosting, in a secured environment to protect your IoT device data. We are also taking into account all the crypto acquisition complexity for you. This is why there is a price difference. High volume projects can be optimized. Contact us.

How can I get a private environment ?

If you prefer to have a private environment and ensure your devices data separated from any other user. If you want your devices private kays stored in a separate repository to ensure the clear payload will not be accessible by a third party, you can take a look to our Private Helium Network Server

How can I get Helium coverage ?

You can verify the presence of hotspot around you and coverage when measured on Helium mapper

If you are not yet covered (the network is growing fast but starting), we have solution to connect a standard LoRaWan gateway to Helium network for your test

What is a Helium message ?

Helium count a message for each 24 bytes Uplink, each 24 bytes downlink, ack or a 24 bytes retry