Get your own private Helium Network Server

Helium is the only one public network allowing to get a real private environment where your device data are encrypted from the device to your own environment.
This is particularly interesting when manipulating industrial data or personal data. It is also interesting if you want to rely on your proper server to deliver your services.

Data are encrypted from device to your network server

Your device credentials are isolated

Helium IoT offer

We build, host and maintain your Helium Network server on our secured Cloud environment
We manage all the cryptocurrency related cost, you just have to pay for the monthly service and the communications over the quota included.

Our solutions are priced per month with a yearly subscription. All indicated prices exclude taxes.
Messages count 24B uplink, downlink, retries and ack
You have a larger fleet to deploy ? we can size a specific infrastructure and offer for you.


1.4k/ month

Best Effort SLA
  • 5.000.000 messages included
  • 0,00002€ per messages after
  • Standard support
  • Best Effort SLA

Dedicated OUI option for manage your fleet on your own later : €2.5k per 100k devices, one shot.


3.5k/ month

Work Hour SLA
  • 10.000.000 messages included
  • 0,000025€ per messages after
  • Premium support
  • Monthly target 95% / yearly 97% - work hours
Ability to run your Helium LNS server close to your device fleet €250 / month.


5.9k/ month

24 / 7 SLA
  • 20.000.000 messages included
  • 0,00003€ per messages after
  • Premium support
  • Monthly target 95% / yearly target 98%
10% of your subscription goes to Support the underlaying open-sources projects.

Get 10% Off on the second year of subscription