Migrate your LoRaWAN network to Helium

If you currently have LoRaWan gateways, you can migrate them to Helium network. Even is Helium needs specific hardware including a pair-to-pair node to be part of the chain to get the full benefits of the Helium network, you can join with regular gateways and process communications. We provide the pair-to-pair components hosted in our datacenter and your devices get benefit of the Helium global coverage.
You quickly join your LoRaWAN gateway to route your traffic on Helium

You get benefit of Helium worldwide network for your existing devices

Helium IoT Offers

Helium is based on a decentralized network (blockchain). To connect a LoRaWAN compatible gateway, you need to connect it to a miner.
Miners are usually specific hardware including the gateway component. Helium miners are participating to the blockchain operations and are rewarded in HNT token for offering coverage and routing traffic. Miner price is higher than LoRaWAN gateways and currently really difficult to source due to the fast growing speed to the network.

Helium node


  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited messages
  • Upgrade included

Subscribe and connect your gateway

Declare your devices in the console (same devEUI, appEUI, appKey can be reused)

Get some communication credits for when the 5000 first offered messages will be consumed

You are part of the Helium network

Helium-IoT proposes to connect your existing LoRaWAN compatible gateways to un-registered blockchain nodes, to immediately extending Helium coverage and allowing your devices to communicate over Helium network
Unregistered miners are participating to the chain and routing data like any other miner but they are not rewarded for these operations
Migrating your existing LoRaWAN compatible gateway to Helium just consists in setting the Semtech UDP packet forwarder to one of our nodes

You can also join Helium network by using specific Helium Hotspot. Official Hotspots do not require Helium node usage

Click to get more information about Helium Hospot