Helium offers

We are proposing different services to IoT service providers and industrial companies who want to get benefit of the growing Helium network in Europe and all over the world. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the competitive advantages that the decentralized Helium network can bring.

To do this, we have built several offers that allow us to overcome the complexity of a network based on a blockchain so that our customers can focus on what brings them value. These offers allow you to benefit from a global network at a lower cost while securing data flows. They allow you to easily integrate your LoRaWan networks into this new open network. This without derogating from the advantages of a private network in terms of data confidentiality.

Use Helium
Communicate on Helium with a public Lora Network Server

We own one of the Helium Network Servers. We are based in France / Europe. You can connect your LoRaWAN compatible devices to the Helium Network using our platform to route your messages.

Helium communication price are really low, from €0.00005 per messages sent, payment per messages, no yearly subscription or commitment to keep

Use Helium network

Move to Helium
Migrate your existing LoRaWan Gateways

If you currently have LoRaWan gateways, you can migrate them to Helium network. Even is Helium needs specific hardware including a pair-to-pair node to be part of the chain to get the full benefits of the Helium network, you can join with regular gateways and process communications. We provide the pair-to-pair components hosted in our datacenter and your devices get benefit of the Helium global coverage.

Migrate to Helium

Your own Helium
Get your own Helium Server

Helium is the only one public network allowing to get a real private environment where your device data are encrypted from the device to your own environment. This is particularly interesting when manipulating industrial data or personal data. It is also interesting if you want to rely on your proper server to deliver your services.

We are able to build and manage your own Helium Network Server, register it in the blockchain and manage the device routing to let your devices, anywhere in the world to be route to your own server. We manage all the registrations and hosting for a monthly subscription, whatever the size of your fleet is

Go private

Helium IoT Europe is you partner for jumping into Helium as an IoT service provider or an Industry going on the IoT revolution. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question about Helium network and you IoT transformation.

Helium Network

Helium is the fastest growing IoT network with a LoRaWan compatibility. It is based on a crowdsourced approach that pushes for redundancy and reliability of the network

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